Carlsbad City Classic

Race morning, up at dawn, check the tires, the gears and chain. The bikes begin to show up at the start line. Warm hellos to old friends, friendly welcomes to the new comers. It’s a good day, the sky is clear, the air is crisp, take a deep breath. Adjust the seat, strap on the helmet and wait for the race gun to sound. BOOM and they are off on the first day of the Cavern City Bike Race.

About Desert Photos

Funny thing about life... you never really know where it is going to take you, You have dreams and thoughts of who you will become. But does it always happen, If your lucky and really really honest with yourself it can. This is a short story about Dreams coming true... but it is a dream we did not realize we had.

Welcome to the reconstructed site of Desert Photos

We welcome you back to Desert Photos, we intend to rebuild Desert Photos but in a smaller form. Our last site was shut down by our host, due to excessive traffic to the database, I guess we were just too popular. We are going to rebuild slowly and leaner than before, without so many Events. There may be a few but we won't be covering all the Events that we used to. We are going to try and stick to more of the Landscapes that we love to take and share, of our adopted home, Southeast New Mexico, or as I tend to call it New Mexico's Dixie.

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