Carlsbad Caverns

Welcome to Desert Photos Carlsbad Caverns Page.  Here we have several photos we have taken over the last 12 years with 5 different cameras and two different photographers.  Now on the old site I have things a little more separated by camera, not so much now as I went back to the original photos and made new photo galleries.  There are many great places in our part of New Mexico we love to photograph but one of our favorites is the caverns.  Nature tends to change things from time to time and we like to get back down there to take new photos.  Also since we are digital now instead of using o

Relay For Life 2014

It’s a beautiful day in Carlsbad NM. The air is warm but not hot. The Pecos River shimmers in the sun, children’s laughter can be heard echoing across the park.
But there is a war going on, one happens every day of every year. On this day the warriors gather, dressed in their battle gear. With tents, blankets, coolers and bar-b-que’s at the ready for the impending skirmish.

Teens earn Recognition at City Council

We as adults see teens all the time. In their weird clothes, with their loud music, being rowdy in public. The same things we used to do as teens, but we have become the adults and we don't understand the new generation.
What we don't know, or don't see is these same teens helping and making a difference but they do.
We had the honor of witnessing just that.

Carlsbad City Classic

Race morning, up at dawn, check the tires, the gears and chain. The bikes begin to show up at the start line. Warm hellos to old friends, friendly welcomes to the new comers. It’s a good day, the sky is clear, the air is crisp, take a deep breath. Adjust the seat, strap on the helmet and wait for the race gun to sound. BOOM and they are off on the first day of the Cavern City Bike Race.

About Desert Photos

Funny thing about life... you never really know where it is going to take you, You have dreams and thoughts of who you will become. But does it always happen, If your lucky and really really honest with yourself it can. This is a short story about Dreams coming true... but it is a dream we did not realize we had.


We see them in their trucks as they race along with the sirens blaring and red lights flashing.  We hope they are safe and save those they are going to help and then thoughts are replaced with what we have to do in our own lives.
But once and awhile someone will ask "What do they do when there is no emergency?"
The truth is they are all around us.  We do not notice because there is no flashing lights.  They are your neighbors, they are the guy at the next table in your favorite restaurant, and they are all over town. 

To Honor Our Veterans

What do the following things have in common?
Sunshine, gentle breezes, black leather, Tate Branch, motorcycles, Carlsbad Radio, and the American Flag.
The answer is simple Sgt Richard Ryes Welcome home.
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